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I am a recent graduate from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where I studied Marketing & Management Information Systems (MIS) which kindled my love for technology and constantly changing digital landscape.  I have many skills, but focus on digital marketing strategy and use of analytics to create insight.  Through data, I answer questions and solve marketing problems. I would love the opportunity to do great work for you or your company!

This is a blog project, writing hub, and portfolio space focused on my interests: career and otherwise.

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Recent Events

I studied abroad in Taipei, Taiwan during Spring 2014. It was my dream to stay in my parents’ home country and gain more cultural perspective. Hence, the title of my blog is Vive Somnium which in latin stands for “Live the Dream.”

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Curious about what I’m good at? Be curious no more! Check out the skill chart on the right to see exactly what I rock at (I promise I’m telling the truth).

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Aaron WangVive Somnium, “Live the Dream.”